We develop measuring instruments that
our customers can trust.

We are a manufacturer that develops, produces, and sells measuring instruments.
Our products are mainlyinstruments for evaluating performance of textile products, textile materials, and various polymeric materials. We have also developed quality evaluation testing machines for cosmetics, toiletries, sanitary products, automobile interiors, paints, etc.
We have been in the industry for over 30 years.
Researchers from universities, governmental agencies, and private corporations have utilized our instruments to accomplish their goals.
The company name “Profid” is originated from a Latin word “Provisio fiduciam = providing trust”I named it from “.
We provide reliable measuring instruments according to customer’s request.

Representative Director Hiroshi Shibata

About us

Profid Co., Ltd.

Representative Hiroshi Shibata
address FIS, 403 Shimomaruyacho, Nakagyoku, Kyotoshi, Kyoto 604-8006
Phone / FAX 075-778-5039 / 075-256-8660
Founded May 31, 2016
Capital 5,000,000 yen
Bank Kyoto Shinkin Bank
Kawaramachi Branch
Member group Japan Textile Machinery Society
Secretariat Japan Polymer Scratch Consortium

Iwasa Tax Accountant Office CFP®
Tax Accountant Kozo Iwasa

Asano Munekawa Law Office
Lawyer Eiki Asano

Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation
Kyoto General Labor Management Office
Labor and Social Security Attorney Koichi Shinohara

Business content

Design, manufacture and sale of various electronic measuring instruments and testing machines

Design, manufacture and sale of quality control inspection equipment

Design, manufacture and sale of various prototype measuring instruments

Design, manufacture and sale of various parts and jigs

Design, manufacture and sale of resin products using various resins

Smart devices and automation equipment (additional)

In addition, all parts that can meet the needs of our customers, etc.

Delivery record KAKEN TEST CENTER
Toray Industries Inc. Group
YKK Corporation
Daio Paper Corporation Group
Prefectural research institutes


1 minute walk from Kyoto Municipal Subway Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station
1 minute walk from Kyoto City Bus Sanjo Kawaramachi


May 31, 2016Established
June 1, 2016Established Japan Polymer Scratch Consortium Secretariat in Profid
September 15, 2016Increased capital to 5 million yen
October 2016Development of scratch tester (cross cut mode)
October 2016Labeling device development
November 2016Development of application for garment factory specification iPad (joint development with Monorepo Co., Ltd.)
March 2017Development of special friction tester
March 2017Development of special Mullen type rupture tester (with sample displacement measurement function)
May 2017Development of thermophysical property tester
October 2017Development of sliding resistance tester
November 2017Development of scratch tester (load increase / cross cut)
November 2017Development of stretch yarn diameter measuring instrument
November 2017Development of yarn compression tester
November 2017Development of cutting resistance measuring device
November 2017Development of 2-axis tensile tester
December 2017Patent application for automatic contact cooling sensation (Japanese Patent Application 2017-253061)
August 2018Development of temperature and humidity monitor baby doll
August 2018Development of doll unit for both adults and babies
February 2019Development of automatic washing cycle system
February 2019Exclusive license agreement for Kanazawa University TLO rotary friction tester
March 2019Mass production of washing cycle automation system