Scratch tester Scoot series

For evaluation of scratches on resin products and painted surfaces.

It is a scratch tester that can scratch the painted surface and polymer materials such as plastic molded products, and quantitatively evaluate the scratch occurrence point and load. By evaluating the appearance and scratch resistance of scratches caused by materials, it is expected that the appearance and strength of all product materials will be improved.You can get accurate data quickly with a simple operation. It supports further applications of scratch tests regardless of the usage scene.
The cross-cut test method is a test that examines the strength, adhesion, and adhesion, which are important quality performances of resins and coatings.
It is the most widely used test because it is easy to test and gives immediate results.

Various physical property testing machines

We measure the physical properties of functional fibers and products for the evaluation of clothing, threads, rubber, etc.

In the textile industry, we are actively developing "high-performance fibers". New products such as underwear, bedding, and towels are sold every year, but there are still not many testing machines that detect the minute evolution of new products.
We have high-precision testing machines specialized for each test according to the times.

Experimental doll

It can be used to evaluate diapers and hygiene products.

Various experiments are possible by attaching the actual product to the doll.
There are infant dolls and adult dolls.
Please feel free to contact us as we can produce and customize according to your experiment content.